how we work

We'd like to challenge you to bring your own fashion item, together with a few of your own wishes and ideas.
Your item will be the canvas for a fully personalized artwork, celebrating your uniqueness. ARE YOU IN?

Prices* are varying, depending on material and surface. For example:

€ 220,-- (back)*
€ 350,-- (full customized design)*.

(Most sustainable surfaces are denim, 100% cotton, real leather)

If you'd like us to also provide the item itself, just contact us. We'll be delighted to make your wish come true!

Celebrate uniqueness!


*excl. BTW 9%

We offer you the possibility to borrow our limited  designs for special occassions. For example:  Photoshoots, music videos, TV work etc.

You'll pay a certain price for rent, and a standard deposit.
>>We can provide in specific conditions for stylist and photographers<<

Interested? Please contact us for more information.