Because our artwork is completely hand-painted, it needs to be handled with care and attention. Don't worry, it's not hard at all. Here's our advice:

Care instructions
Textile items:

To keep the artwork as beautiful as possible,  only clean the item when highly necessary. You can choose between two options: 
- Hand wash the item with care, and inside out. Use cold or lukewarm water and soap.
- Dry clean the inside of the item.  
Oh, and please don't rub or tumble dry...! Be gentle with love.

Leather/PU items:
Don't wash these items at all, or when highly necessary choose to only dry clean the inside.

How will it last?
Handpainted, wearable art is likely to fade during time. But don't be shocked: The 'used' version will probably look even more awesome! You'll never get bored of it, that's for sure! Keep in mind that, eventually, you'll have to embrace that kind of 'vintage' look.

We love our artwork. And we want you to love it just as much, for as long as possible! That's why you can always contact us for information and even for small touch ups.